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Vaseline Deep Moisture Body Lotion, 400 ml

Vaseline Deep Moisture Body Lotion, 400 ml

₹335.00 ₹310.00 400 ml

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Product Code: Body Lotion


  • Vaseline Deep Moisture Body Lotion is India’s No.1 Best-Selling Body Lotion
  • It’s double-action formula contains Glycerin which helps to replenish the lost moisture of your skin and Vaseline Jelly which is known to lock in the moisture in your skin
  • Penetrates 5 layers^ deep into your skin and moisturises for all day soft, smooth skin
  • It is fast absorbing for a non-greasy feel and moisturises from the very first application
  • Daily body lotion best for: dry skin, rough skin
  • Smart pump quick-lock technology unlocks and locks with no mess

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