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Wallet FAQ's

Wallet FAQ's

What is Wallet?

 Wallet is a digital wallet provided to you by Grooffy Stores using which you can do transactions on and its apps. The amount in the wallet consists of three components. Amount in  wallet= Money+ Credits – Debits. Money is the amount added by you through the add money option in the  wallet.

Credits are received either through refunds made on cancellation of orders or part orders or through refunds provided by Grooffy Stores for any other purpose. Debits could be added through pending payments for orders delivered but not paid or items supplied for an amount higher then paid for or non-redemption of any payments made to Grooffy Stores.

 Wallet is a combination of two sub categories viz "Prime Cash" & "Bonus Cash". Prime Cash refers to the unrestricted amount credited in Wallet through Bank Account, Debit/Credit cards etc., and through refunds made on cancellation of orders or through return of products provided by Grooffy Stores. Bonus Cash refers to the restricted amount earned in Wallet through promotional campaigns run by Grooffy Stores. 

Any amount in the  wallet can only be used to purchase on Grooffy Stores or its apps and not anywhere else. Please note that EMI, Prepaid or Virtual bank cards or a combination of electronic methods of payments such as Credit or Debit cards with Cash on delivery is not supported to top up  Wallet.

How can I add money into Wallet?

You may add money in VS Wallet in following ways

·         Credit cards or Debit Cards

·         Net Banking

·         Any other acceptable payment methods visible on the Grooffy Stores payment page.However, Cash on delivery, International Cards, Gift Cards are not acceptable modes of payment for the top-up of  Wallet.


How much money can I add in my Wallet?

You can only add value up to Rs. 10,000 per month per user. Beyond that you may still receive your refunds to VS Wallet, but you will not be able to top-up it further. Also at any point in time you cannot have a balance of more than Rs 10,000 in your wallet. This is excluding any credits that you have received in this period.

How do I check balance in my Wallet?

You need to sign-in your Account in Website and go to your profile. There, in the VS Wallet tab, you shall be able to see the VS Wallet Balance amount.

What are the benefits of using Wallet?


·         Faster Check-out by using VS Wallet, no OTP or passwords are required

·         Faster refunds- these are credited within 24 hours to your VS Wallet

·         Detailed account tracking: You can track your spends and wallet activity in the My Wallet link available in the website or app.

How do I use Wallet to buy items on Website?

You shall be able to use VS Wallet as a Payment method available at the checkout. There may be a few products, including Gift Cards, for which  Wallet is not allowed to pay for.

Can I redeem  Wallet to Cash?

You may not redeem  Wallet for Cash.  Wallet balance can also not be transferred to Bank, Other Wallets or other User accounts.

What happens to my Wallet if I uninstall the App?

Your  Wallet account is still active. You may re-install the Grooffy Stores App or login on the website to access your account. 

What happens to my Wallet if I don’t use the Grooffy Stores for over 1 year?

Your VS Wallet account stays active, however please note that every credit transaction into VS Wallet comes with an expiry time, at which a part or full amount from your VS Wallet will expire. The user shall be sent a reminder about the expiry of the VS Wallet amounts one month in advance, by an email to the registered email id.

Can I pay for an Item partially from Wallet and Partially from other payment options?

Yes, you may use other payment methods available to pay along with VS Wallet. However, the money shall be deducted from VS Wallet first and the remaining amount can be paid through other available online payment methods.

What is the validity of Wallet? Does the balance expire?

In the unlikely event that there is no debit or credit transaction in your VS Wallet account for a period of 06 months the sum standing in the account shall be forfeited. You will be notified about the expiry of the VS Wallet through an email to your registered email id at least one month before its occurrence. Please ensure that you use the amount before expiry.

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